An open letter to people working this Thanksgiving and their Employers

To the people working on Thanksgiving Day,

Before I say anything else, Thank You.

You working this Thursday is a blessing to everyone who has forgotten a major food item, or wanted fresh bread on Thanksgiving day but is unable to make it themselves.  You give families the ability to go to the Movie Theater as a whole to be entertained.  You serve and protect the people from crime and fire.  Ultimately, you give up your Thanksgiving day as a sacrifice to others, and for that we thank you.  The vast majority of us do not like that many of you are required to work on Thanksgiving day when it is not necessary, but few of us acknowledge and thank you for your sacrifice.

Thank you.

Note: These next words do not apply if you are the Police, Fire, Emergency Medical, Military, or any other necessary service.

To the employers requiring employees to work on Thanksgiving Day,

You are scum.  Many of you will be enjoying your day off with your families, yet you are requiring your retail employees to work.  This is not the 4th of July, it is not New Years Day, and it is not morally acceptable to require your employees to work on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving is an important holiday for the vast majority of Americans.  It is a day of family and to reflect upon what we feel is important in our lives, and be thankful.  Yet while you sit and do exactly that, you choose to require your employees to work on Thanksgiving Day because profit and competition matters too much to you.

Do not feel proud about how you are beating the competition on Thanksgiving day.  You are scum, and America does not admire you.


Blog Title

In case anyone is wondering, the title of the blog is a play on the Drunken Master, which is a fantastic Kung-Fu flick.

New Blog

Recently, I've begun to gain interest in beginning to blog again.  Previous attempts have failed, but a lot of those failures have been due to a young arrogance I had years ago.  This time blogging is more of a way for me to get my thoughts and interests out onto paper as a way for me to both see my own position towards something and strengthen it.  Already I've written several draft posts since opening this blog which I've found that my opinions and thoughts on a topic are not well formed nor completely correct.

So, here I am.  Generally, I plan on keeping the topics confined to Programming, Design, and the Software Industry, but I might spread out to Video Games and a few other topics from time to time.  I'll be enabling comments, however they will be moderated.  I do not like moderating the comments due to moral issues, and I will make sure to approve non-spam comments whether I like them or not.  I am a huge proponent of free speech and free thought, and moderated comments feel a bit like censorship to me, even if the moderation is to keep spam to a minimum.

Over the next week or so, I'll be fleshing this site out a bit more with a few pages listing some of my favorite tools (so I don't lose them), and hopefully getting some posts up.  Most likely the first major post will be my thoughts on Windows 8; the post is almost completely written and I think what I say about Windows 8 will surprise many of my friends and family.

Until then,